Overnight Oats With Vitamin C

Winter is Coming!!!

Icy mornings and evenings, blocked noses and layers for days… Yep that’s how my autumn was going this May and it not over just yet, because winter rolls in pretty soon and that’s those top 3 will get even worse. Thankfully I am almost recovered and i can breath again thanks to Sinucon and nasal sprays. Continue reading “Overnight Oats With Vitamin C”


DeadPool 2: Movie Review

I just love this crazy, foul-mouth character that Ryan Reynolds plays so good. He was definitely born for this role. I mean just thinking of his character makes me smile and giggle because he’s not your average superhero and under that suit is a bad boy with a filthy mind, uncontrollable sarcasm and a funny bone.

Continue reading “DeadPool 2: Movie Review”

KWESE Play Review

I love watching Tv series and movies and occasionally some documentaries. So when I heard of NETFLIX, I was immediately hooked. NETFLIX is streaming service that allows you the ability to watch a variety of movies, documentries etc. on internet connected devices. The even more amazing part about this, there are no commercials.  Continue reading “KWESE Play Review”

Avon Advanced Techniques : Nourishing Hair Serum

Good hair! We all love it and we all are constantly looking for ways to achieve it. From wanting it to grow a few inches, or go from dry and damaged to glossy and soft.

Our hair is the crown of our face and we will do whatever it takes to ensure it stays that way. On todays market you will find various products, be it drugstore buys or something homemade to help you achieve what you want. You are absolutely spoilt for choice. Continue reading “Avon Advanced Techniques : Nourishing Hair Serum”

A Quite Place – Movie Review

Friday 13th!!! Loved the movie and enjoy the hype around this day that brings out the fear in some superstitious people. Friday 13th is considered an unlucky day in the western parts of the world and the number 13 is said to be an unlucky one to some.

I am not superstitious so I go about my day as I would any other ordinary day with the inclusion of a horror movie in the evening. If you are just like me (A horror movie fan) OR  looking for something scary to check out this Friday 13th with your friends and add to all the hype that surrounds this day, then read on for my Review on the latest horror movie in South African Box Office called “A Quite Place” Continue reading “A Quite Place – Movie Review”

The Best Advice Ever!

Have you ever been in a situation were you needed some advice and it turned out to be the best advice that ended up shaping your life today or is probably still at work?….

Well for me I have always been given great advice throughout my life. I am gifted to be surrounded by strong and smart friends and family and thus till this date I have made the best decisions. Continue reading “The Best Advice Ever!”

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