Hi Everyone!!

As you may well know, yesterday marked a milestone for my blog. It turned One year! Oh how time as flown by…..

When I started this blog last year, I was unemployed, depressed and lonely in a new town. I soon found blogging as a platform to express myself and make new friends. I committed myself to a one year deadline, with the sole purpose of sharing my experiences and connecting with the world. If I could help one person, then this would be a success and fruitful journey.  Continue reading “GOODBYE DEAR READERS”


Freeman Exfoliating Diamond Mineral Clay Mask Review

HI Everyone!

Hope all is well ! Who cares if it’s Friday 13th, at least it’s a Friday right?

So if you read my previous post on Winter Face Masks you will know that I have changed my skin regime around because of the harsh winter this year and as a result will be doing face masks every Sunday Evening.

The first face mask I tried was the Freemans Exfoliating Diamond Mineral Clay Mask from Dischem. I needed something to buffer away at my skin, brighten it and leave it feeling amazingly soft. I also required a mask that could be applied to sensitive skin because that is what I deal with daily.  Continue reading “Freeman Exfoliating Diamond Mineral Clay Mask Review”

Winter Face Masks

Hi Everyone!!

Another post today about this harsh winter this year. It’s making us layer up to ensure every bit is covered and warm. However there is one part we can’t completely cover up and that is our face. Our master piece! No matter what shape, size or colour we will do almost anything to ensure a flawless look, but with less moisture in the air our face takes a beating. Some of the issues we find ourselves dealing with during winter are dry and itchy skin, flaky and peeling, dullness and breakouts. Continue reading “Winter Face Masks”

Lip Scrub For Winter

Hi Everyone!

I’m sure you will all agree with me when I say the worst part about winter is how dry our skin gets. Probably, the most painful one is our lips because they crack and sometimes even bleed. The cold winds and dry winter cause the humidity to be lower and hence more evaporation of moisture from our lips occurs. When this happens we find our lips cracking and no matter how much of lip balm or vaseline we cover our lips in this condition still arises. Oh and let’s not ignore the fact that the heater aswell can and will dry your lips as it is also pulling moisture out of the air.

Continue reading “Lip Scrub For Winter”

Shrimp and Cous Cous

HI Guys welcome to another riveting story about my love for food…lol!

So I recently purchased a bag of cous cous and found myself having to deal with an expiration date much sooner than I expected. sO SMART ME decided to cook this entire bag (500 grams) of cous cous and then just deal with it there after. Which I  actually didn’t mind because it is healthier and lower in calories than bread, rice and quinoa.

So WIN WIN !!! Continue reading “Shrimp and Cous Cous”

Game Night : Movie Review


Another movie review coming your way in this post, especially as it starts getting more colder these days, many of us will choose the option of staying indoors with popcorn and a blanket watching movies and bingeing on series from Netflix.

So here’s a review on a comedy / mystery movie called GAME NIGHT! We recently watched it and was left in serious giggles! NO SPOILERS!!! Continue reading “Game Night : Movie Review”

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